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Siesta Fiesta

When I see a game on the 3DS eShop that’s based off a concept for a smartphone game, I can’t help but look back on the horrific times I spent playing Cubit. However, Siesta Fiesta will make all that prejudice fly away after showing that there is hope, as well as bringing back some fun memories of playing Alleyway for the GameBoy. This brick breaking side-scrolling game has 8 different regions to work through, each with its own set of levels and a boss battle at the end. You take control of Siesta who is taken on a magical tour of Fiestaville, a tour that you get to share with him.

Siesta Fiesta

The first thing I noticed about Siesta Fiesta is how amazing it looks. Just by playing the first level, you can see how great the game’s vibrant colour-filled aesthetics are. And if that wasn’t enough, the 3D makes it ten times better! For a little 3DS eShop title I wasn’t expecting it to look as good as it does, so it was a nice surprise. There was one disadvantage to this aspect, because at times it was almost impossible to keep track of the ball seeing as it blended in with the smash-able objects (not to mention the speed the ball was bouncing at!) – but this is onlya minor niggle, and didn’t do much to detract from my enjoyment.

The game’s soundtrack manages to keep your blood pumping which makes sure your reflexes are at their best. Its fast-paced and festive character really suits the game’s visuals and gameplay. As well as being extremely fun, Siesta Fiesta is also very addictive. Multiple times I told myself “just one more level”, only to end up playing through two regions of Fiestaville. Even though the first region levels seem rather easy, they get harder and harder as you progress. In the later stages you have to worry about things like multiple balls and flame balls. There is also a large replay-ability factor in Siesta Fiesta. After having finished all the levels, you’ll feel a great need to go back and get a gold medal on them all, just to prove that you’re the best.

Siesta Fiesta

Siesta Fiesta is the sort of game you can’t stop playing, or the sort of game you give up on straight away. Luckily I love these types of games, so I was in my element. Whenever I had a spare moment, however long or short it may be, I couldn’t fight the ever so strong urge to play this game. There is also a variety of game styles behind the classic ‘block breaking’ style. As well as that, there’s Time Trail: which is where you have to destroy waves of blocks. And there is Boss Battle: which makes you deflect Siesta against an animal boss, which resembles the material of a piñata. There are also a range of control styles offered, my personal preference was the analogue stick but you had the option to use the touch screen.

I’m going to give Siesta Fiesta 9 out of 10. Overall, it was a fun game. One that I would struggle to get bored of due to its amazing looks, and the range of fun gameplay styles. I’d recommend this game to anyone that likes fun! This game is one of those hidden eShop gems that make me glad I bought a 3DS. It’s a definite must have for all 3DS owners!

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