FoxyLand Review

Ratalaika Games roll up to Christmas with its latest entry FoxyLand. They seem to like their platformer games, but this one hasn’t got any structural mechanics like jumping onto ceilings, instead, FoxyLand appears to be your standard platform title. Obviously as a Ratalakia Games release you’ll be glad to know the trophy list is definitely one of their easiest, but more importantly how does FoxyLand play? FoxyLand starts off with your character Foxy Fox enjoying life being all loved up with his love of his life Jennie. Unfortunately, some eagle turn up and kidnap her. That’s pretty much it in terms of story for FoxyLand, although there are cherries and diamonds to pick up on your travels.

Your abilities in FoxyLand are limited to jumping, double jumping and bending down. There’s nothing else your character can do. The initial levels are have signposts that tell you what how to control Foxy. Like the majority of platform titles FoxyLand has a very easy start before introducing you to much harder later levels. You begin each level with 3 lives, if you lose those lives you have to replay the level. As you progress in FoxyLand you will come across more traps and obstacles that will make it harder for you to complete a stage. Initially, spikes are your first issue, you fall on them and you lose a life, then frogs appear which if touched means you lose a life, however they can be jumped on Sonic/Mario style to turn them into cherries. Possums are next to be introduced, they just run left to right and are quite easy to bypass. Eagles are pretty annoying as they dive bomb and often are found in areas requiring a lot of jumping. Classic Indiana Jones traps like shooting skulls or a moving spiked wall add a bit more variety to the dangers.

The collectibles are cherries and diamonds, one is more important than the other. Cherries are plentiful, but at the start their only use is to buy accessories from the shop, however they can be used to skip difficult levels. All the diamonds in a stage need to be collected in FoxyLand before the house at the end opens allowing you to finish the level.

After the first few levels you will find yourself having to backtrack a little as you move levers to open up other areas to get to previously impossible to get diamonds. Each level gives you a star rating out of 3, the more cherries you collect and the least lives lost will give you all 3 stars.

FoxyLand is a charmingly cute looking platformer with some enjoyable 8-bit music, navigating around the levels is quite easy and there were no major issues with the controls. FoxyLand is a short game depending on your abilities and once it is completed there is no reason to go back to replay the levels besides to beat your star level. FoxyLand is one of those games which you will play once and that will be it. Unfortunately there isn’t any high score leaderboard or local co-op which would have increased its longevity.

FoxyLand is solid and challenging little platformer, but there are better titles out there. The charming main character is held back by a lack of story, basically you jump around until you reach the end. If you like challenging to complete, but easy to play, platform titles then you’ll get a couple of hours out of FoxyLand, if you’re looking for something more memorable then maybe FoxyLand isn’t what you are looking for.

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FoxyLand Review
  • Gameplay - 5/10
  • Graphics - 5/10
  • Sound - 5/10
  • Replay Value - 5/10


FoxyLand is solid and challenging little platformer, but there are better titles out there.