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Deadcore is a very particular type of game, for a very particular type of player; no I’m not trying to set up some form of Liam Neeson joke, it’s just because this is the only way to describe it. Not everyone will like it, especially PlayStations players. I know I can’t speak for all the people who own PS4s but this game seems like it is best suited for PC, and with a PC Review score of 5 on Bonus Stage it may not even be suited for that.

The way the game controls and the general lack of engagement is what I’d usually associate with something cheap on Steam. I should see it as a good thing that those who aren’t really ‘PC Gamers’ get the opportunity to try a game like this out on PS4, but maybe I’m just cynical and wish that every game on PS4 was like Uncharted.

So the story, well, lack of. I mentioned the lack of engagement and a cause of this is the lack of story. There are logs you can find which give you a little extra info for those that want it, which is something I personally like as it reminds me of Deus Ex and how those who want more info can find it; but these logs do not offer much in terms of a proper story. There are no cutscenes or characters you meet, all you have to do is traverse the building by using a gun and different mechanics. Now I know my amazing English Literature skills make this sound exciting, but it just lacks a bit of substance.

The gameplay is the best feature of the game and obviously the most thought about aspect. It plays almost like a speed-run simulator (which when you finish the game is encouraged), it was interesting enough to look at and once you got into the swing of things it was quite fun to play. But for a game that looks ‘full’ it just seemed to lack substance. You have a gun to turn on and off certain switches to boost you up to a higher platform and also to disable turrets, these get more complex as you go. Obviously if the idea of a speed-run game where there’s no story to worry is about is appealing then this is the game for you, but that’s all it is unfortunately.

There are some cool notable things about the game, as I mentioned with the logs. Well as well as this set of collectibles there are also music tracks you can obtain, these tracks add to the flow of your gameplay and also get the momentum of the game going; this is a very very loose comparison, but it sort of feels like the parts in DOOM when the music kicks in when shite gets real. Although I feel the idea may not be suited for a PS4 game, I did enjoy the idea of a speed-run mode seeing as the game isn’t that long. It gives those who enjoy the game and wanting more a goal to work towards.

Overall, Deadcore is good if you are specifically looking for speed-run game with a cool aesthetic. But for those looking for a little more substance and engagement should search elsewhere; but I can’t knock this game too hard for not being something else. Even when you see it as a game you just hop on to speed-run it still seems lacking, and it’s not really what I would call a ‘game’ by console standards. It’s an enjoyable experience but it’s more suited for something you’d boot up every so often on your PC rather than on your PS4.

Bonus Stage Rating - Average 5/10

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