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Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire is an Action Role Playing Game developed by YummyYummyTummy and released on the 18th July 2017. Players will get the opportunity to play as Cecille as she aims to restore glory to her empire whilst journeying and exploring her powers. The storyline is very interesting and enticing throughout and leaves you wanting to play more to find out the conclusion. This game offers many hours of storyline and gameplay for players to get stuck into.

The art found in the game is great and is equally matched by the epic music that can be enjoyed throughout as it adds another element to the game whilst also being very modest. Some of the dialogue of Cecille is voice acted however only certain segments, having the whole game being voice acted would have been much more enjoyable, however this isn’t always viable with development of a game such as this so is understandable, but a point to consider in future games none the less.

The game begins with a very easy to follow tutorial and introducing many of the mechanics of the game to the player well. The game reinforces the importance of being able to create combos to be offensive as possible, and the importance of being able to ‘perfect block’ to keep characters healthy as well as maintaining the combo. Combos with multiple characters build up a chain which acts as a damage multiplier the higher it goes. Upon completing a battle, players are often given scenarios which they must decide what decision to make with regards to certain events in the empire. These decisions provide different buffs to characters or presents the player with a usable ability card that can easily turn a losing fight into a winning one, such as healing all characters to full or slowing the enemy’s movements.

With there being a huge importance on strategic gameplay, once players learn these strategies the gameplay can often become very repetitive as I found. However, the occasional boss fights that occur can break up this repetition. Once I could work out the optimal team to use, this was pretty much the same team and strategy that I was able to use throughout the game with very minor changes needed to be made to the team, more variation here in the game would have made a huge difference, and would allow for more exploration with different characters and their abilities. Multiple characters can be unlocked throughout the game to vary up tactics and create different strengths and weaknesses of certain parties.

One issue that I found with the gameplay however was that during all the combos of both the player’s characters and the enemies combos there is often way too much happening on the screen and becomes difficult to read, often leading to a sequence of button mashing and hoping that the attempted blocks make it in time. Other than this I found no major issues with the gameplay at all!

Fallen Legion provides the player with another mode which is ‘One Life Mode’ which is a much more difficult version of the game where the player is unable to continue if the main character Cecile falls in battle. Upon my initial playthrough of the game I only fell victim to death once which left me frustrated that I didn’t concentrate more and that I didn’t have this mode activated to start with, so I would recommend this as a challenge.

An issue I have and it’s not really a huge one is that there is a large body of text that players are able to read in-between cut-scenes or levels etc. However, this often gets cut off by the game loading so often you are left being unable to read some of the lore behind the story. As I say this isn’t a huge issue as it allows you to get straight into the action, but being able to read it and then choosing to progress with a button press might have been more beneficial in this situation.

With this game being sold currently at £15.99 I would say there is enough content to keep players entertained and challenged throughout, there is a very difficult platinum trophy to be achieved with this game for any avid trophy hunters out there, along with a very rich trophy list to boot.

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