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Color Symphony 2 for Wii U is nothing short of excellent. Though it advertises itself as an action-adventure game, the gameplay also relies very heavily on strategy, giving it a unique and interesting playstyle overall. It maintains a lot of depth while also being relatively easy to learn and figure out. The developers made sure to make this game playable for any gamer who could wish to purchase it. For these and various other reasons which will be discussed later in the article, Color Symphony 2 is a title each and every Wii U owner should consider adding to their collection.

I will begin with a few of the “worst” aspects of the game. The soundtrack for the game is unchanging and simple, which can become a bit monotonous at times. However, I have found that keeping the sound on or turning it off does not really detract from the gameplay experience either way. Also, the way that Color Symphony 2 presents the plot of the game is a bit odd. Rather than having dedicated cutscenes, certain levels just have text written in the background at the very beginning. Admittedly, I usually find myself so eager to start playing that I rarely take the time to read this text. So really, the only “bad” things about this game are not actually bad; at worst, they are just neutral things which fail to add to the other things which make this game amazing.

One of the most well-made aspects of this game is by far its aesthetics. The game is fairly simple visually, however, the developers managed to create a lot of depth even with a simple design. The player character is a faceless man in a suit, made up only of black and white. Similarly, most other parts of each stage are black. This monotonous color scheme is contrasted with ominous shades of blue, green, and red, which contribute to the main gameplay of Color Symphony 2. Overall, this game is visually pleasing despite being made up of a grand total of only five unique colors.

What really makes this game stand out is its gameplay. The player’s sole ability beside running and double jumping is changing the color of the background. When the color of the background is changed, everything else of that color disappears, whether it be an obstacle or a platform or anything else. In early levels, this mechanic leads to basic objectives of moving from one platform to the next by choosing which color will disappear. However, in subsequent levels it begins to lead to complex strings of color changes, often requiring precision timing and placement of jumps. The player will quickly learn the importance of memorizing which button creates which color background, as the player will often need to change colors very quickly in order to complete the level successfully.

While the player must strategize about which color sequences to employ, these decisions are far from overwhelming, making this game fun to play for every gamer, even those who many not typically enjoy games in the strategy genre. The developers provide many things which make this game a fun experience for everyone who may choose to play it. This includes a worldwide leaderboard, showcasing the fastest times on each level and where the player places on these particular rankings (I managed to secure three world records myself). In fact, the developers take inclusivity to the next level by providing options for the colorblind. They truly made sure that this game was something every Wii U gamer could enjoy.

For a Nindie title, this game is pretty expansive. Color Symphony 2 features several worlds with many different levels within each world. I feel that in my short time playing, I barely scratched the surface of everything this game has to offer. In addition to the main game, Color Symphony 2 features extra challenge levels, even the easiest of which I found myself unable to figure out. In this regard, more experienced strategy gamers will face a challenge which lives up to their standards. In addition, this game has a lot of replay value, more so than most other games of its kind. Even after completing a level, players will often want to go back and attempt the best time they can possibly manage.

With its fun gameplay, unique level design, and rich replay value, Color Symphony 2 is a game which will provide the player with endless hours of fun. Whether the player is stretching their mind trying to figure out a difficult challenge level, or simply cruising their way through the main game, every gamer who picks up this game is in for a great time. It does not matter if the gamer is looking for a challenge or merely a casual experience (heck, it does not even matter if the player is colorblind!); every Wii U owner should add Color Symphony 2 to their wishlist.

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