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Videogame industry, just like all the others, has a tendency to stagnate. As once the formula for universal success is discovered, it becomes a cornerstone of the industry for the years to come, and in turn, rejects the idea of innovation and progress. This has occurred when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare first launched and spawned years of modern military shooters. And now, 10 years later, a new formula is being developed in the form of VR properties, and the circle begins anew.

Popularisation of VR led to creation of multiple innovative experiences, however, for the most part, it led to creation of simple games with a VR spin. And the recently released Quiz Show Tonight, is just another example of such title. A title which is nothing more but a cheap and simple quiz show game, which otherwise would struggle to find an audience at any price.

Quiz Show Tonight is a simple quiz show game, as the title suggests, which utilises both PlayStation VR, and Move motion controllers.  And its entire premise is based on the fact that it is a quiz show, but in VR. And that’s it, there’s no nuance, no spectacle, no underlying features, – it’s just a quiz show, and an average one at that. Its only bonus feature is online multiplayer, but the servers are empty, and it is likely that they’ve been vacant for weeks.

The game itself has been divided into two portions, online and offline. Online component of the title, as you probably have assumed already, allows you to challenge other PlayStation VR users face to face. However, Quiz Show Tonight is a rather obscure title and one will struggle to even find another player on PlayStation forums, let alone the game itself. However, desolate landscape of Quiz Show Tonight’s servers doesn’t necessarily spell obsolescence for the title, as the game in question also features the aforementioned offline component.

Within the offline environment, players can participate in a simple battle of wits with bots, which are there to simulate the online environment, as in-game, all bots are represented by their own individual podiums, and floating VR headsets. In addition to the core trivia based game mode, players can also participate in a board game like race, where every correct answer allows the player to move forwards, whereas an incorrect one simply forces one to stay in the same place. And this is all that the title has to offer when it comes to the core gameplay, but do not fret, as there’s more than just the core trivia modes, as Quiz Show Tonight also serves one with not one, but two minigames.

Once one is done with the ‘’excitement’’ of Quiz Show Tonight’s trivia, he/she can move on onto the minigames. And as stated above, there are only two minigames in total. First minigame simply revolves around placing Tetris-shaped blocks into holes of the exact same shape, whereas as the other, is all about throwing a ball through a handful of rings – and yes, both modes are as exciting as they sound.

Sarcasm, and post-irony aside, it has to be said that Quiz Show Tonight, is just a mundane title with a lot of artificial padding, to make it seem like a serious, and complete title. But unfortunately, it is just a husk of what it should have been. All its core trivia modes feel underdeveloped, and are simply boring, as neither the questions, or the aesthetic are interesting enough in order to hold one’s interest. And worst of all, each and every game goes absolutely nowhere.

The lack of direction, is visible throughout, especially when one indulges him/herself in within either of the mini games, as both seem out of place. As on one hand, Quiz Show Tonight attempts to come across as a serious, TV show like title; whereas on the other, it serves you with minigames which are simply unnecessary. And it seems like developers concentrated more on the quantity of content, rather than the quality, and this has simply turned Quiz Show Tonight into another soulless, VR cash grab.

In short, Quiz Show Tonight, is an overly simple, underdeveloped cash-in, which doesn’t represent anything. In fact, it represents less than your average pitch. And in combination with its low quality visual façade, and mindless additions which only further harm the title, Quiz Show Tonight is nothing more than a proof of concept. It is just a bunch of ideas thrown and stitched together with underwhelming visuals. And worst of all, its biggest selling point, the online multiplayer is ironically the titles final nail in the coffin. As non-existent user-base only further proves that each and every owner of PSVR should stay away from this abomination.


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