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It is time to strap on your boxing gloves and get ready for a workout that will hopefully build up a sweat and that can be added to your exercise routine. BoxVR, developed by FitXR, is also than just an exercise game, but also a rhythm game. Can this sort of thing work? Can you manage to get a good workout while being able to have fun in BoxVR? Will it deliver a knockout punch, or will it miss the mark?

BoxVr is a rhythm based workout game, where the goal is to hit the orbs that are heading towards you. The colour of the orbs will reflect the colour of your boxing gloves. There is a colour for you left glove, and a colour for your right glove. There are two colour schemes to choose from, Blue and Purple or Red and Orange. At the start of the work out it will be simply jabbing the orbs, as the work out starts to progress however, the game then starts requiring you to hit the orb in a particular way. This can range from requiring you to perform hooks, uppercuts or a cross, depending on the workout; you may even be required to block, squat or dodge. This all comes together to… well create a sweat.

Setting up BoxVR easy. When you start you will select your Gender, age, weight and what you would like your daily goal to be. Entering your daily goal can be a bit annoying. You see, you can’t just hold down the trigger on the move controller, in order for it to quickly get to your target time. Nope you have to keep pressing it, so if you want a to have a high daily work out time, inputting that can be, as I say, somewhat annoying to do. All this information you are free to change and update at any time. Once you have entered the information, you can do a quick and basic tutorial which will show you how to hit the orbs and the other stuff that is required. This is something I feel could maybe be adjusted slightly. You see the orbs stop so you can line up the shot then it moves on to the next one. It would be nice for it to have you do that, then have the orb approach again, but this time not stop. This would allow you to be able to practise better I feel.

BoxVR has three modes, if you will, to select from. First up you can decide to do a class that is has been designed by them to do, these can range in time from a couple of minutes all the way to an hour long. There are around 40 classes that you can select from, and they all provide a nice workout for you. What is more, you will earn points for hitting the orbs, as well as a hit streak. At the end you are told what percentage of what hits you managed to land. So for example at the end of a workout, you will know what your highest streak was, what percentage of jabs, uppercuts, crosses and so on you managed to do. This I found made me want to improve on classes, and not just do one and move on to the next. When deciding what class you want to do, if you have previously done it your highest percentage for that class is there for you to see.

The next mode is create a workout, this is as the name applies as you are able to create your own workout. You are able to select from around 100 songs if I managed to do the maths right. There are four genres of music which these fall into: pop, rock, hip hop and electronic. Once you have selected your songs you can then select your difficulty, easy, medium or hard. Having tried one song on all 3 difficulties to see how much more of a challenge there was, I can say that if you not in that good of shape, you may notice a challenge like I did. However I feel like it is not a big leap, and that someone in shape may not really consider hard all that hard.

The third mode is online, and well there is not much I can say about this. Having tried it a couple of times, it would seem that either no one is playing online, or that the online mode isn’t one hundred percent working just yet for the Playstation version of BoxVR

The visuals of BoxVR are average, this is no real surprise. When playing BoxVR you are not going to be looking around at the setting you have selected. You are going to be focusing on the orb, and what is next. There are three settings to select from, two look like modern converted warehouses I would say, and the third is a standard VR setting, looking kind of futuristic if that.

BoxVR uses only the motion controllers for the PS4 and one thing that maybe you should consider is going into the options and adjusting the glove positions from workout to workout. It took me a bit to adjust the glove position so that if I didn’t make an uppercut or something, then I can say it is more than likely down to me. When starting out it looked and seemed like I was making hits that BoxVR said I wasn’t, but like I said, some slight changes to the glove position seems to have fixed that. It would have been nice if BoxVR did give an example of the best glove position or something in order for players to know how to properly set up the gloves.

Overall I am enjoying BoxVR, I feel like it is something that I could start to add to a workout in order to start getting fit. With other games that can be played alongside it that will have just a workout such as just dance, and from what I have heard that beat sabre is meant to be a good game, then that could help mix things up. BoxVR is a solid rhythm music game that offers a good workout that would sure to leave you getting a sweat on. A wide range of music to help create your own workout whether you want a short or long one, or just selecting from its range of pre-made classes, this has been a joy to play and I burnt some calories too as well.

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BOXVR Review
  • Gameplay - 8/10
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BoxVR is a solid rhythm music game that offers a good workout that would sure to leave you getting a sweat on.

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