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Back in September 2018, I got to play and review House Flipper, which honestly surprised me, as over time I ended up getting way more into the game than I initially thought I would. If you have no idea what House Flipper is all about, then I’d suggest you check out my review before reading any further, as I’m only going to be covering the newest HGTV DLC here.

Almost two years after House Flipper’s release, the game has just received its second paid DLC, HGTV. If you’re familiar with the show, then I’m sure you know what to expect, but if you don’t, don’t worry, as everything should become crystal clear and easy to understand soon enough.

So, what does HGTV bring to the table? Besides a bunch of new items and decorations that you can use anywhere in the game, this DLC’s major content addition is 10 new jobs and the new houses where they take place. Much like the base game, you can replay these as you see fit, and take different approaches each time, just let your inner interior designer aspirations roam free! In additions, as you complete each of these new job orders, you will then also be able to buy those houses and renovate them so that you can either keep them for yourself or flip them for a profit.

While in the jobs that you were able to get in the base game you’d essentially just have to meet certain criteria and then you could call it a day, in HGTV things are a bit different. The twist that HGTV brings is that for each situation, for each job, you have a limited budget to work with, given by whoever you’re renovating the house for. However, if you’re just going to follow the instructions and do the bare minimum necessary to complete the job, then you’re never going to go over the budget. The budget only exists to limit the amount of stuff that you can actually add to each house.

There’s also a little story that introduces each of the houses, nothing major or game-changing, but I find that it adds some personality to each of them. Furthermore, each job also features two instances where you’re forced to choose between two different renovations options for specific rooms. For instance, one of the options can be to go for a more classic leather-style furniture, while the other suggests going for a more modern take. There are also some surprise events, which I believe to be scripted for each of the jobs, that force you to either scrap some of your work or change your plans halfway through your work, like a couple suddenly expecting another baby, or a couple finding out that they’re going to have a girl.

It took me around 5 hours to complete the 10 new jobs, so you can expect to at least have that much of game time in this DLC. Obviously, the new content can last you much longer, since you can then buy and flip the new houses. Overall, HGTV is a great addition to House Flipper, whether you wanted more jobs, houses, or items to decorate your houses with. If you enjoyed the base game of House Flipper and you just want more of the same, I honestly think you can’t go wrong with this DLC.

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House Flipper - HGTV Review
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If you enjoyed the base game of House Flipper and you just want more of the same, I honestly think you can’t go wrong with this DLC.

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