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There Is a Way is a cryptic first-person puzzle experience that will surprise you quite a bit! Developed and published by Bauble, this title got released on September 9th, 2020 and received a positive response from the community for being a relaxing game to immerse yourself in, and I strongly agree! What really made me want to experience more was the fact that I could solve different puzzles and go different paths by doing so! It will of course affect the story and the outcome, which is a splendid idea in making a puzzle game.

Before I was diving into There Is a Way properly, I had the chance to go through a video tutorial and so I did! In the tutorial, there was a text to speech voice that was explaining the in-game mechanics as well as how to get started! Collectables are scattered around the area in the form of Freshy Slashy soda bottles that will allow you to unlock a museum with extra content if you can find all of them. What makes the bottles easier to find is the fact that they slightly glow blue, which will allow you to spot them easier from a distance! It gives the game a nice replay value and really encourages you to find them all!

The beauty of this title is that it doesn’t have any waypoints and or things out of the ordinary to tell you directions, but instead you will use your phone in order to check messages and it will hint towards your next destination. One of the most useful things to actually do when you are lost is that you should try to look for signs and landmarks! Whenever you find a new location, it might be hard to know it right away unless you first take a stroll and make yourself familiar with the surroundings.

The puzzles can take quite some time to figure out, depending on how familiar you are with games such as this one. Play around, experiment, and figure out the answer! We’ll talk more about the puzzles later. For now, I would like to explain the relationship mechanic which is one of the more interesting things in this one. Once you have reached a certain point of the game, you will be introduced to the mechanic that will allow you to build up your relationship with your partner and losing it if you are not careful.

It is also important to know that a failed relationship doesn’t lead to depression within this game since you mostly depend on your goals! You will be able to meet new people and get into more relationships in the future, so don’t forget what you are striving for! It is also worth mentioning that it is harder to get into a relationship with strangers once you have been absent from one for quite some time. But it is still not over! Just keep trying repeatedly until you succeed! What really is important in a relationship is trust since it will lead to a stronger relationship between you and your partner.

Allow me to wrap this review up! There Is a Way truly delivers the puzzle aspects of this first-person puzzle experience. The atmosphere makes you feel isolated whenever you walk alone on the empty streets and whenever you solve puzzles, and I really like it since it makes you more focused on the puzzles and the world. Graphics are nice, even if you are playing on the lower settings. The soundtrack is relaxing and gives some nice tunes while you are walking around and solving puzzles. The only reason to replay this title is for the bottles and the obtainable achievements.

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There Is a Way Review
  • Gameplay - 8/10
  • Graphics - 7/10
  • Sound - 8/10
  • Replay Value - 6/10
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In the end, There Is a Way is truly an interesting experience if you enjoy puzzles games! It’s relaxing and really makes you think quite a bit before being able to solve the puzzles.

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