Wind Waker HD and Admitting When I Was Wrong.

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Not too long ago I posted a blog suggesting that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker might be the best looking game of all time (read it here). While I still hold to that (it is a gorgeous game after all), sadly, I also suggested that it was one of the few games that couldn’t be visually improved to any great degree. Ok, so I did make passing reference to a potential HD upgrade, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting the kind of stunning upgrade Nintendo look to have made with this most beloved of Gamecube classics. Is Wind Waker still arguably the best looking game of all time? Yes, very much so. Can it be improved? Quite clearly.

Rather than slapping a sneaky coat of HD paint over the top (which probably would have sufficed), they have instead gone and essentially overhauled the entire game, making what was already an outrageously pretty game even more so. Although essentially the same in terms of core art design, the HD remake has clearly been imbued with far superior lighting and, most notably, a much more dramatic and vivid colour scheme.

I, like many, would have been happy to replay a standard HD upgrade of Wind Waker, so this, as you can imagine, will prove big news for the Nintendo faithful. In fact, the only way this is getting any more awesome is if Nintendo see fit to add in any of those fabled lost dungeons. Sure, I’d love a new Zelda game to play on my Wii U, but heck, if you’re going to do a remake of a much loved classic, this certainly looks the way to do it.

Will Wind Waker prove to be the new standard in HD remakes? It’s still a bit early to say, but there’s certainly every chance.

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