MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame Review

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MXGP: The Official Motocross Video game is bought to us from the studios of Milestone S.R.L and features some fast paced motocross goodness. So it’s time to dust of those boots, reach for that helmet, and jump on that motocross bike and get covered in mud. This game is based on the real-life sport of motocross and has real life sponsors and rules. It has the official tile and has the marking of the Motocross Grand Prix license and it shows. It has 60 different bikes, 60 riders and has a whopping 14 different tracks to master. So let’s get going and see exactly what it has to offer.

The first things you will notice are the fantastic graphics which are really pretty impressive. As you drive your motorbike around you will see bits of dirt kick up and leave tracks behind for each motorbike. You have some pretty good scenery and some great sound effects that really help build the feeling of what it’s like in real life at a motocross event. They have put a lot of time and effort into making this game look great. You have all the licensed bikes, shirts and riders to admire. I am sure on a next gen Xbox One they would be awe inspiring. The sound effects are great as you race around the track you and hear your engine roar as your wheels dig into the dirt.

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Many motocross games have pretty simple handling. You pretty much point in the right direction and accelerate. In MXGP however the controls and handling have been completely overhauled and are very different from most games of this sort. This is a good thing. Your first race will be pretty hard and you will most likely come last place and find yourself flying of the track and crashing a whole load. It will be very frustrating and cause you to think you will never get any good. However if you stick at it, after a few races you really start to get the hand of the controls and start to realise how fantastic they are. You need to use the right analogue sticks to adjust and maneuverer your motorbike into the right position so you land as smoothly as you can back onto the track. You make small adjustments as you race around the sharp muddy corners. Some corners you may opt to take wide so you don’t fall off easily and then wiz off as fast as you can on the straight. Other corners you will choose to take a sharp turn that at first slows you down to almost a halt, and then you will speed of again and keep that first place position. Quite simply this game has the best and most realistic handling I have seen in a long time. MXGP looks and feels fantastic, and is defiantly my number one motocross game of all time because of this.

After you have loading the game for the first time and possible watched the tutorial videos that are available (I recommend you do watch these), there are a few different menu options to choose from ranging from instant race, where you can have a quick race to see what the game feels like. Other options include Grand Prix, championship, career and time attack. It’s great to see so many different game modes. This game will give you hours of entertainment and take a very long time to get all the achievements if you are a completionist. Once you start a career you will find it is pretty hard at the beginning, but as you progress though the races you will really start to get better and better and hopefully become the best rider on offer and get offers from high profile teams and sponsors.  Each race is separated into practice, qualify then finally race. It’s a good idea to do them all as it gets you used to the vast amount of different tracks and gets you ready to earn that vital first place finish.

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As you race you unlock various items like new helmets and other gear for your rider. This is nothing new though as many games of this type offer this. Before each race you can adjust your bike configuration and suspension, gears etc. Something I did not really touch as I have no clue about really life motorbikes. I am sure this will be great for all those players that love to tweak their bikes to get that edge over the other riders. It’s nice to see so much depth in a game like this. At the end of each race depending on your finishing position your fan base will grow and this attracts attention from other teams. This is how you start to get offers from the better teams and helps your progress to that number one rider slot. There is of course online multiplayer support where you can race against people from all over the world. It is good fun trying to win as many races as possible, because the better results you have earns you places in the top ranked races. Online racing is nothing more than just racing, but it’s all good fun.

MXGP is a very detailed and in depth game. It’s not just a simple select your rider and race arcade style game. As I have already mentioned it is defiantly my number one motocross game. I was very excited when I first heard about it as motocross games do not come along very often, and when they do they are often not that great. I really like the way that MXGP is pretty advanced and actually makes you work for those first place finishes. This game is fantastic and I can recommend it to both amateurs and those wanting a realistic motocross game with all the official team licenses and riders. There is so much more to this game than I can explain in this review without boring you. The only way for you to experience its greatness is to run out and buy it, now!

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