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There’s nothing like taking on impenetrable odds, armed with a tiny weapon taking on infinite enemies until you can’t take anymore and die in a barrage of laser bullets. We Are Doomed offers you such a scenario with its twin sticks controls and what appears to be a never-ending wave of foes trying to destroy you. You better get you thumbs warmed up because their the digits that you’ll be using the most in We Are Doomed.

We Are Doomed can be described as a twin stick shooter where you’re in control of a geometrical shape/ship which contains one weapon and one chargeable super weapon. You play from a top down perspective and all you have to do is shoot enough enemies to complete each ‘wave’ and move onto the next one. You have a limited number of lives and when you lose all of them that’s it.

We Are Doomed is a very simple game to play, all you do is move around the screen shooting as many as geometrical enemies as you can. As you pass each wave, a different set of enemies appear, as you progress asteroids get involved but besides that there isn’t much of variation in what you have to do i.e. move and shoot. Due to the claustrophobic nature of We Are Doomed things get heated on-screen very quickly as you run out of space to move and have to start taking on risky manoeuvres to get out of (twin) sticky situations. When you destroy an enemy they usually leave behind energy that will charge your super weapon, a weapon that should only be used when you can’t get out of the way of enemy fire or the enemies themselves. At the start you’ll die quickly and die a lot, We Are Doomed is a game that requires practice and once you do you’ll feel more confident and become a much more riskier player.

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We Are Doomed quickly becomes repetitive due to the lack of options, playable modes and enemy types. There are to game modes, one confines itself to 30 ‘waves’, once you’ve completed that the other choice is a mode where the ‘waves’ are endless. So there’s very little reply value on offer, there is an online leader board so the more competitive players out there may find this as encouragement to play We Are Doomed a few more times but they won’t. There’s only 8 or so enemy types, it won’t take long for you to amend your tactics accordingly. It’s quite shocking to have such a simple game as We Are Doomed and only have 2 modes available to play. We Are Doomed is addictive in a ‘I want to beat my high score’ way but there are a lot of games out there that have that same addiction and also have more than 2 repetitive game modes to get to grips with.

Graphically We Are Doomed is littered with geometric designs that are simple in design but very bold in implementation, it can get very busy on-screen so the simple enemies are easy to differentiate between. We Are Doomed has a very 80s arcade feel to it and this is reflected throughout. The soundtrack is quite calming, usually in a game like We Are Doomed there’s a techno style of music but that’s not the case here. The explosions and laser sounds are fairly basic but at least that matches the simple premise which is We Are Doomed.

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We Are Doomed is a pleasant enough experience if you fancy losing a couple of hours staring at random shapes on the screen as you try to destroy them before your impending death. There’s just not enough depth in We are Doomed to keep you going back for more. If you miss the days of twin stick shooting then give We are Doomed a try, it’s a title you’ll play maybe twice or thrice but that’s when the doom sets in and you won’t play it anymore.

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