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Lives are in your hand’s as you take on the role of a top surgeon at a busy city hospital. With eight different operations, all authentically recreated, to complete, you will need to keep your brain and eyes focused as you operate. The operations include reapairing fractures, the removal of inflamed appendix or tonsils, treating infected gall bladders, attending to varicose veins, repairing hernias, restoring vision in cataract procedures and deals with the horrifying injuries of road traffic accidents.

Not being someone with any medical training, I can not say weather the operations are true to life at all. Although I will presume they are pretty accurate. The game starts as you’re faced with your first patient – a road traffic accident that has left a poor person with large gashes to attend to. You are required to disinfect the area, remove any foreign bodies and stitch up the wounds. Along the way you have a very helpful nurse that explains what to do, she pretty much holds your hand and tells you which tools to use and how to use them.

Although the game sounds very complicated, it starts of pretty easy. The first operation is very straightforward, and you will have completed it in a matter of minutes. The game, however, then suddenly becomes very tough indeed. I presume this is because it only has eight operations to complete, so they need to make it hard. Its not as simple as just cutting up the patient and following the directions of the nurse. You also need to make sure your patient doesn’t either wake up, or worse, die on you. You control this by using the various drips the patient is on. This bit I found very hard; trying to work out how much to give them.

The controls are all done via your mouse, where you select the weapon (sorry, I mean tool of choice) and then pretty much move the mouse over the highlighted area as accurately and as quickly as possible. This is pretty simple and you soon gain the skill and also the knowledge of what tool is needed.

The graphics are basic but adequate for this type of game. After all, you don’t buy a game like this for the stunning graphics do you! I am not sure I would rate this game too highly though, due to the sharp increase in difficulty after the first operation and the fact that there are only a few operations to master. They might release add-on operations, but I suspect that won’t be happening anytime soon.

To round off, Surgery Simulator is fun for someone interested in seeing what surgeons do and wants a bit of fun slicing someone open to save their life. Anyone else probably shouldn’t bother. There are far better simulations to be had out there.


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