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Point and Click games in particular point and click adventures generally are not that popular on the console market. Usually the movement used on a controller is nowhere near as smooth as using a mouse, this may explain why some titles take a fair while to transfer from PC to console. Chaos on Deponia is one such case, originally released in 2012. However a good game still remains a good game, time has no factor on that, graphics may look poorer as the years roll by but the game itself if good should still be fun to play all them years later. Point and Click adventures like Chaos on Deponia tend to age well, usually the graphics might have to be remastered such as what happened to Grim Fandango but something made in 2012 in a cartoony style shouldn’t require too much of an upgrade today. It’ll be interesting to see how Chaos on Deponia fares in today’s market.

Chaos on Deponia is actually the sequel to Deponia. Plot wise you play as Rufus whose home planet Deponia is a giant rubbish heap and the Elysian Council want to destroy it. Goal can save Deponia but she is stuck with Rufus on the swimming black market. Her brain implant which holds the codes that will ensure a safe journey to Elysium is currently damaged. When we say damaged we day split into 3 personalities, so Rufus has to try to piece her back together whilst protecting her from the various antagonists who are trying to stop this.

To navigate around Chaos on Deponia it follows the standard point and click structure. You interact with the world you inhabit moving between differently well animated scenes. You pick up items that can be used to help progress your adventure. Something that has become a bigger part of point and adventure games is the ability to cycle through hotspots. This is something Chaos on Deponia does and i am a fan of this function, one of the most annoying things in a game like this is to be near to the object you want to get but because you’re slightly pointed another way or are not standing exactly where you need to be, thankfully Chaos on Deponia chooses the hotspot option.

The puzzles can be a little bit weird so you’ll have to think outside the box, they range in difficulty but nothing to the point of it being impossibly frustrating. However, the puzzles are varied throughout in terms of difficulty, it’s not like the first puzzle is the easiest and they get harder as you move along.

Visually Chaos on Deponia has great animation. The various scenes are full of detail, a lot of it you can interact with. This continuous quality can also be reflected in the voice acting and dialogue. Rufus comes across really well and is an excellent central character. Most of the other characters who’s parts vary also have some superb voice acting and dialogue. It all comes together to make Chaos on Deponia a visually pleasing and well presented story game. There’s the odd mistake in the text but nothing that detriments the feeling of enjoyment as you proceed through Chaos on Deponia excellent storyline.

Chaos on Deponia is a charming little point and click adventure. The puzzles and mini games whilst reasonably tough in some cases are fairly straightforward to complete. The plot moves along at a steady pace helped by some enjoyably humourous dialogue and scenes. This is one of those cases where playing the first Deponia title will help you understand the story a bit more but it’s not essential. Chaos on Deponia is a funny game which will take around 12 hours, 12 hours that you will certainly enjoy.

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