Universe Sandbox 2 Early Access Review

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So where do I start… Have you ever wondered what would happen if you threw the earth into the sun? Or what it would be like if everything did actually orbit the earth? Well if you want these questions answered then all I can say is this is the game for you.

The game is actually really simple in terms of gameplay. You put big bits of rock in space, give them various physical properties such as their size their mass etc, then watch them fly about as you enjoy your handiwork as a god. If you get it right, then you have your very own little solar system to play with. However, where the real fun begins is when you screw something up and you accidentally send Jupiter on a collision course with the rest of the inner planets and you see the solar system just explode in on itself.

Honestly there is not really much more to the game than that it’s just endless construction and destruction. However, there are a lot of different ways to construct and destroy the various planets and stars etc that you add your universe. After getting my very own model of our solar system, I started out by having a play around and made every single planet explode into pieces, and then decided to see what would happen to all those pieces if our sun was to go into supernova and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

For a game that is very simple in terms of what it is and what you do in it. There is a lot of fancy science behind it for example there is a massive influence of gravity in the game and how it affects every tiny little object in all of existence. Like all of this is incredible and is very realistic from the science perspective but it is the fact they have done all this in such a way that anyone can play this game you don’t need a PhD in astrophysics to be able to play or understand this game because it is made in such a way that it is just fun to play around with, without having to think about it in great detail like you do in other science heavy games such as Kerbal Space Program which you have to take every little bit of physics into consideration in whatever you do which can make it very hard to be an enjoyable game.

I do not really have anything bad to say about the game to be honest I have had a couple of issues in which the game has crashed on me at random points not whilst doing anything particular but that has not put me off playing it some more. As for replayability it is one of those games that can be very fun to play every now and then whilst you are taking a break from one of your bigger AAA titles, or for example I have been playing this as a little break away from revising for my exams as it doesn’t take up a ton of your time and does not require extreme focus so I find it perfect for a little relaxing gaming session.

In conclusion, I find the game incredibly fun to play and will keep on playing it for quite some time just messing around and having some fun when I feel like it’s time to have a break from the bigger titles I play. But I would honestly tell anyone to play this game maybe not go out there and buy it straight away but wait for it to pop up in a sale and get it when its cheap because it is really fun and enjoyable and I am sure you will have a hell of a time with this game.

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