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Casual game developers Rokaplay have come out with yet the second installment of “5 star resort”. With this installment to the series, Lucy gets a follow-up job from her father, hotel mega mogul Mr. Rich. A new luxury resort is to be built on Hawaii, and management will have to be perfect in the first few months. Guests visiting Hawaii are famous for being notoriously dainty. Lucy accepts the challenge and once again trusts her established team. What Lucy didn’t expect: On this hotel project every wish and whim of the guests will be even more important, and when things get rough, she’ll have to get involved herself. In these lightning-quick time management levels, you will help her serve many impatient guests queues as you match three items a piece in the allotted number of turns.

The game works a lot like Bejeweled or the Candy Crush Sage series. Match the items in the allotted turns. The more items you match up the more bonus items you can you use in your in-game matches to help create matches and gain points. The less turns you use the better your chances are at getting more money for Lucy’s resort. Levels start to include the removing of certain grass, sand, and chain elements to make more matches as the levels of difficulty increase.

The graphics are bright, fun, animated, and lighthearted and are akin to feeling as though you were at the beach which helps keep the game interesting and fun for all ages. Even though this game is much like all the other matching heavy hitters in the casual game arena, 5 Star Resort stands out among the rest by actually making the levels challenging for players without playing down to a younger audiences intelligence level.

The best part about this game is the music, each level has a beautifully crafted OST that truly makes you feel like you are on a vacation or on an island somewhere. Its use of acoustic guitars, maracas, xylophones, whistling,soft vocals, and chants really capture the mood of the game and the environment it sets itself up in. Game cinematics run very smooth and similar to the 2-D in-game play with a bright color palate that really shines and brings the whole magic of one small game together. Though the story is pretty linear at best, the creative use of game play mechanics and game atmosphere keep the game interesting without over the top bells and whistles. The game does what its meant to do and adds great music and settings to keep the game from becoming stale like other clones in this genre.

Although the story mode is very simple, for a puzzle match up game this actually works. The island flair, music and sound effects are executed well throughout this game and provide the feelings of an island summer unlike any small developer game out there currently.

All of this coupled with smooth graphic fidelity and challenging game play make this a must have for the casual gamer on the go or for Steam players. The attention to detail brings a casual match up game experience unlike any other and is a great game to pass the time with. It’s a must have for those that truly enjoy puzzle match up games, as it might be one of the most fun out on the digital market.

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