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John Daly is an enigma within the golfing world. A man who, at his best, is a two-time major winner, but at his worst was banned from the PGA Tour for 6 months for his indiscretions. You would think there are more marketable players out there such as Sergio Garcia or Phil Mickelson, but John Daly is the choice here, so it’ll be interesting to see whether his personality is truly replicated in the video game format? If it is then John Daly’s Prostroke Golf could be quite the experience!

Teeing off with the positives, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf is Move compatible, which works very well because swinging the club does feel quite satisfying. You can adjust ever so slightly to perfect a slice or hook shot whilst it maintains a naturally accurate feel.

Putting, which can be a bug bearer in other titles, is a highlight as John Daly’s ProStroke Golf  feels reminiscent of the real world because the Move controller elegantly tracks shifts in your weight as you move through the swinging motions. If given a choice between the Move controller and the standard controls then the former is a clear winner.

Unfortunately the rest of the game is let down by a lack of features and finesse. Graphically the player models are a poor, jaggy affair, playing against a backdrop which wouldn’t feel out of place on a PlayStation 2.  You may find many of the playable courses new experiences because they are not the big hitters found most notably in the Tiger Woods series. But the way the likes of Harpers Lake and The Shire are depicted here won’t make you want to play a round at their real life counterparts.

The playable modes are very limiting only offering a Career Mode, Quick Game and Multiplayer. The Career Mode is the most disappointing as it is simply a case of you taking on John Daly in a series of challenges. If you beat him then you get to play the course tournament and if you don’t then well….. let’s just say you have to beat him if you want any longevity out of John Daly’s Prostroke Golf.

To constantly lose against someone as ugly as the computerised John Daly is not an enjoyable affair, especially considering he is much better in the game than he is currently in real life. You can play the usual foursome, four-ball etc, but for every realistic and somewhat fulfilling drive you play the whole experience is let down by below average presentation, which is a shame. The commentary from Sam Torrance and Peter Kessler is uninteresting and delivered with no passion, which used in conjunction with a bland and lifeless atmosphere means John Daly’s Prostroke Golf is no competitor to the Tiger Woods series.

After playing around with the game, the fact of the matter is that, in a world dominated by a true behemoth like the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, John Daly’s Prostroke Golf struggles to make the cut. The Move controller has been implemented very well but it’s definitely a case of practice makes perfect in regards to the rest of the features. Besides the Move controller there really isn’t too much going for John Daly’s Prostroke Golf, which is accurately reminiscent of Jon Daly’s more recent history rather than any of his earlier triumphs.

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