Mars Power Industries Review

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At first glance, it might seem that there’s not much to Mars Power Industries. The game’s minimalist look and presentation might give off the feeling that you’re playing another run-of-the-mill game originally made for mobile platforms. Now, while the second half of that statement is true, there’s more to Mars Power Industries than its cutesy, easy-go-lucky appearance lets on. Let’s take a look!

At the very beginning, there’s little to no story or world-building in Mars Power Industries, which is mainly a puzzle game. Upon firing up the title you are immediately thrust onto (well, obviously) Mars, where you will need to manage and supply power to structures in your colony through the use of corresponding tiles which are given throughout each stage, or as this game would have it, “years”. Mars Power Industries takes elements from resource management games which plays a big role in how you’ll have to approach the game, and mashes it up with tidbits of puzzle and strategy mechanics to make for one unique experience. As far as the story goes, the game will give you pieces of information about the in-game world you’re in – of course, you have to play through levels to know more.

Throughout the game you’ll have to gather energy from corresponding areas on your tiny little map, and map out how you’ll want to use your tiles. Now the thing with Mars Power Industries is that the game leaves no room for introductions or even instructions as I’ve mentioned earlier. It’s up to you how to figure out how the tiles will factor into play. Don’t worry though, mistakes can be backtracked as the game allows you to rethink your tile placement. Some maps will certainly put your grey matter to the test, while others will be a walk in the park – there are eighty levels in the game all in all.

As the in-game years go by, you’ll of course be faced with more challenges, as well as obstacles on the map which will continue to force you in rethinking strategies and such. For example, you’ll occasionally encounter a seemingly-random piece of fruit on the map which will allow you to access more stages, and it is in times like these where you’ll need to be thorough with your decision-making.

As far as graphics go, Mars Power Industries is really banking on a minimalist feel to stand out – “less is more,” so they say. The game design is simple and straightforward, and the pixel-style graphics make for an attractive experience which I like to think will appeal to gamers looking for a “retro” feel in their titles. Of course, it’s not made to be full-on three-dimensional eye candy, but the game pulls of the pixel-style look quite well. The same goes for sound and music, and while it’s not a cacophony of symphonic video game soundtracks, the music fits in at just the right amount to give you a good dose of ambience as you go about planting your power supply structures throughout the red planet.

So should you give this one a go? Well, indie enthusiasts, strategy and puzzle gamers and even those looking for a refreshing casual title for quick binges will find entertainment with Mars Power Industries – it’s a refreshing take on the resource management genre which adopts a few other elements from other categories, and mixes it all into one attractive little package. The 80 or so levels throughout the game should offer a lot of playtime (especially with how challenging some puzzles might be) and the progress in levels will offer varying levels of difficulty. However, other games looking for a more “premium” experience might want to look elsewhere. However, as far as creative indie games go, Mars Power Industries is definitely a title worth looking into.

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Mars Power Industries Review
  • Gameplay - 7/10
  • Graphics - 7/10
  • Sound - 6.5/10
  • Replay Value - 6.5/10
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Mars Power Industries offers a unique take on resource management and strategy in a tiny pixelized package.


  • Pixel graphics have their charm.
  • Gameplay offers something fresh in the way of resource management.
  • Levels can be quite challenging.


  • The game’s minimalist style might not appeal to everyone.
  • Others might find 80 levels too short.

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