E3 – The Star of the Xbox One Press Conference?

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DR 2

So, the Xbox One press conference is done and dusted, and as promised, it was all about the games. Some (read: many) will inevitable bemoan the relatively steep price point, but given what will come in the box, I honestly don’t know what people were expecting?

Price aside though, Microsoft really delivered on their promise of a game-centric presentation with a host of exclusives vying for gamers attention from day one. While the Halo reveal trailer looked very cool (Halo teasers are always fantastic), the Killer Instinct screamed out to my love of 90’s nostalgia and Titanfall looks to be the title able to give the somewhat stagnant world of online shooters a mech sized kick up the ass, it was arguably Capcom’s surprise announcement of Dead Rising 3 that stole the show.

Some will bemoan the slightly more serious tone, but honestly, goofy does get boring eventually, and if any series required a reboot, it was Dead Rising – believe me, go back and play any of the previous Dead Rising titles – they have aged poorly. Dead Rising 3 though, the unexpected Xbox One exclusive couldn’t look any more next-gen.

While the integration of Smart Glass was interesting and the sheer number of zombies on screen impressed on a technical level, it was the seamless nature of the gameplay that really shone for me. From the weapon upgrades and natural (often brutal) movement between locations to the promise of a loading time-free open world, Dead Rising 3 is arguably the first game that I have seen up and running that looks genuinely next-gen.

Titanfall’s inn onnovative take on online warfare certainly ran it close, but for the time being at least, Capcom’s zombie masher looks to be the game to beat.

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