Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

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The Joker gets one over Superman by manipulating him into killing Lois Lane, his unborn child and blowing up Metropolis. However, this sends Superman over the edge into a realm where he establishes a new world order where heroes and villains don’t get a chance to choose a side, a world where mankind will no longer govern themselves, a world where Superman rules all. Luckily for you, Lex Luther was right about there being many worlds which are very similar besides a few major events. In the world we know and love, The Joker is about to press the button which will send ‘our’ Metropolis into oblivion. Just as Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash etc. attempt to stop him there’s an inter-dimensional flux that sucks various characters into the world where Superman rules with a Kryptonite fist.

The cinematic and exciting beginning to Injustice: Gods Among Us throws you straight into the action. Obviously, there will be comparisons with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe from the off, but Injustice is an achievement in itself. There are a multitude of characters to get to grips with that include Aquaman, Ares, Bane, Batman, Black Adam, Catwoman, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Doomsday, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, The Joker, Killer Frost, Lex Luthor, Nightwing, Raven, Shazam, Sinestro, Soloman Grundy, Superman and Wonder Woman. Various other members of the DC Universe make an appearance such as Giganta, Hugo Strange and Killer Croc. They are unplayable, but add to the whole experience.

The combat system in Injustice is a joy, although it is not the most in-depth of fighting games it is definitely one of the most fun. Along with the various light, medium and heavy attacks there are a range of other tactics that need to be employed. There are ‘Clashes’ where you can bet a certain amount of your energy, something that should only be done when you are in dire straits as a possible booster to keep you in the game. Each character also has a special ability whereby they top up a meter which then lets them use a special power for a small period. For example, Batman can use batarangs, The Flash is able to speed up to such an extent that your opponent looks like they are slowing down etc. In addition, there are environmental attacks which, while unblock-able, can be guarded against if you manage get out of the way. The level transitions are present whereby you can punch/kick an opponent through the environment which then leads to a series of clever cut-scenes. The Super Moves are all excellently played out, Aquaman’s is a personal favourite alongside Batman’s. The only issue can be the over reliance on the Super Moves which, while the first 20/30 times look cool, can become a little boring the more you perform them. A minor thing to note is how Batman, who is a mere mortal, can generate the same strength as a titan like Superman or Captain Marvel. It would have been a little more believable if some of the mortal heroes had their moves adapted to reflect this.

The story is excellently told and takes leads to some interesting quandaries that leave you thinking what you would do should such a situation. The plot runs smoothly and links the combat exchanges really well, with the way the story arcs allowing you play with multiple characters. The voice cast and dialogue is very engaging, rarely does any of it sound cheesy or out of sync and it adds a lot to the Injustice experience. Even the S.T.A.R.S Lab plot sections come together well and mixes up the action with some tactical nous.

Graphically, the cut scenes and general in-game play are very pleasing to the eye. You only notice some slightly blocky content when the camera zooms in on a cut scene. The punches and kicks all feel like they connect whilst the Super Moves look very tasty, even the level transitions are entertaining to watch. You’re often trying to spot some of the characters who make a non-playing appearance in Injustice. Overall, musically and graphically Gods Among Us makes the best of its superhero content.

Injustice is an excellent game that combines superhero antics with gaming fun whilst also telling an interesting story. Sure there are more in-depth fighters out there, but there is more than enough in Gods Among Us arsenal to keep you trying to save the world over and over again. It’s a good time to grab your cape, dust off the Batmobile and make sure your Green Lantern is fully charged because you would be doing yourself a real injustice if you didn’t venture out and give this a try!

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