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After a massive cult following from the anime series it was only a matter of time until Attack on Titan made its video game debut. It’s as gruesome as an anime comes and if you are a fan of the show this game duly delivers. My first thought as I started playing this was that it was a shame that it wasn’t dubbed as that’s how I watched the anime. Still the game follows the path of the well-known anime pretty well and at times Attack on titan can be a blast to play.

For those who are thirsty for more blood drenched action Attack On Titans age of freedom extends the story past the first season of the anime and sets it up for it’s second, out next year. The game consists of chapters which are each broken up into a bunch of missions that set you on a quest to carry out objectives or kill a Titan in a certain way.

These include attack and defend type of missions where the goal is to just hack titans to pieces and protect the village. There are escort missions too as you lead an NPC to a way point safe to say the latter is much more enjoyable. What massively let the game down for me was it started so strong as you progress through it you have to do tons of quests just to progress with the story, this wouldn’t be a problem if they were fun but there not. They are your usual go kill this titan quest over and over and it gets old really fast they are quests that no one really wants to entertain. Its saving grace is you can do these in multiplayer and everything you earn from multiplayer does carry over into the main story.

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Attack on Titans strongest feature is definitely its characters. Each has a fighting style that you would come to expect from the show. It makes them feel a lot more like the characters you’ve watched from the show. You can really chose how you wanna take down titans but it really all ends the same way it can be over in seconds with just a slash to the neck. This is very satisfying at first but it does get repetitive and the little bit of variety we get from playing as titans as well is nice.

Titans come in all different shapes sizes. Their completely naked bodies look great on the current generation consoles and I really like the fact they went with a cell shaded look very much like the anime hit show it is inspired from. Flying through the air Slashing Titans down and been covered in blood made me feel like a badass. After progressing so far with the story your met with a boss battle which again was a disappointment. I was expecting to have to really think about how to deal with it but there’s just no strategy to it at all they all go down the same way.

You can upgrade your weapons too to make the game even easier should you so wish but really its just not worth it. The difficulty even on the hardest is still just the same titans just hit harder. You chop of limbs until its necks exposed or go for the jugular immediately if you can. The games cut scenes for its worth look really good I love the Cell shaded graphics and they stay true to the show. Dramatic events that happen in the anime aren’t as dramatic in the game and it’s definitely worth experiencing the anime before you play this otherwise you are missing out as this game is true to its original story. The destructive environment’s are a really nice touch too. Destroying a Titans limbs and watching it crash through a building just never gets old.

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I did have some slowdown when the screen started to fill up with titans and destroyed houses which caused me to lag. This was frustrating due to the fact I kept missing my attacks at times. AI in the game to be fair is pretty good, you will often be notified when one of them has engaged a Titan or killed one making the game a lot more authentic.

In the end Attack of Titans is a fun filled gore fest up until the point you hit the quest driven story line which really slows down the pace. Its a shame because this is actually a good game inspired by a fantastic anime. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I would say if your even slightly into the show give this a whirl. I only played the Xbox One version but from my experience with the framerate issues I had with this version when lots was going off on the screen at once I would say this or the PC version would be the one to get. The added DLC too should prolong your Titan killing experience, at least untill the second season hits next year at a cost, of course.


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