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It’s fair to say I’m probably not the market OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes (OKKOLPH) is aimed at – I haven’t seen the Cartoon Network series OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes the game is based on nor had I any clue about the game before I played. As a total newcomer, will OKKOLPH be a knockout or a villain of a game to play?

Developed by Capybara Games ( they previously developed mainly mobile titles such as Disney Pixar’s Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End) and made in Unity the game looks bright, colourful and very typically like a kids game.

Yet, playing as character K.O, there is a little bit more to it than just a kids game. The story isn’t great – an evil businessmen named Lord Boxmore has taken away all character’s fighting levels of their Pow cards (sort of like a stats card for each individual) and it’s up to K.O to complete tasks / missions to help raise other characters stats in order to raise his own hero level. While I feel the story is just an excuse for Cartoon Network to sell cards to kids, each character do have their own quirks and quips as you speak to them throughout the game.

The tasks / missions in the game are quite repetitive, with simple find and fetch style quests that often need K.O. to head back and forth just to speak to characters and confirm what he needs to do.

This is also broken up with random fights with characters from the Boxmore company – the fighting is simplistic – easily pressing Square and some directional button will perform basic attacks – but collecting cards for other characters (ensuring they have their Powie Zowie levelled up – a sort of special move) will enable K.O. to call on them in the game to help fight with their special attack.

The problem here is the battles are very repetitive and limited to just the same few characters from Boxmore with a few bosses thrown in. While it’s fun to collect cards and different characters to use during fights, the constant button mashing of Square feels more of a chore than fun to do.

Yet despite the flaws, I found myself enjoying the game, the characters are a particular stand out – such as Enid, not taking it well being called Nid from K.O. with genuinely funny sarcastic one liners. I’m not sure I could stand to watch the TV show, but found the majority of characters fun and were a particular standout for the game.

There’s plenty of cards to unlock, missions to complete as well as the main story but it does feel quite a repetitive and short game to play. The visuals are great – I like the 2.5D colourful world of the Plaza and simple way camera views were planted at various points of the environment to give a good view of each area. Yet there are only a few different areas to explore. It soon got quite tedious having to go back and forth in such a small area when there is very little to explore or to discover. It takes the shine away from the few things that OKKOLPH has got right – namely the nice visuals and funny characters.

It’s just a shame OKKOLPH suffers from repetitiveness and mediocre fighting – if the developers had expanded the fighting to more than just the square button, added different enemies and environments, playing the game wouldn’t feel such a chore! It’s a shame really as there could have been a fun kids game here for both adults and kids to enjoy – it’s a shame it relies heavily on repetitiveness when the game doesn’t need to.

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  • Gameplay - /10
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  • Replay Value - /10
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