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Unfortunately I cannot get back the hour I just spent playing through the whole of Accounting+. After completing the game and looking back it doesn’t feel like a very good use of my time. The game is weirdly indescribable, lacking in gameplay and interactivity; the entertainment instead comes in the form of dark and abrasive humour in the characters’ dialogue that will be loved by some but hated by others.

The game starts off with a tutorial that is talked through by a soft voiced narrator called Clovis. Clovis’ voice is so smooth and inviting that we felt like we could listen to him talk forever, about anything and not lose interest. Once Clovis has explained to you the basics of teleportation and how to interact with objects (the two standard controls for any VR game) in the most long-winded way possible you are thrown into an office in which you are required to locate a VR headset to put on. This will then whisk you away into another area where you’ll be tasked in finding another VR headset; and so it continues in this way creating VR inception.

The game is linear except for a few secrets to find. Each area that you encounter vary quite drastically from a woods with a small guy inhabiting a tree, to a hellish underground dungeon where you’ll summon the devil; the game gets more and more unusual the further you go. In each of these areas will be a few items to interact with before you locate the VR headset to move onto the next. For example, in the wooded area you’ll have to plant a seed, which grows to reveal the VR headset which will require power. This can be obtained by stealing a battery from a nearby device and inserting it into the headset.

The best part of Accounting+ is its dialogue; the voice acting for the game has been done by none other than Justin Roiland who plays Rick from Rick and Morty. All the voicing is excellently annoying as the majority of the characters are designed to be. For instance, when entering the woodland area the tree-man will instantly start bellowing at you to leave his home and to F off. The tree-man will continue to verbally harass you until you leave the area via the VR headset. We found it to be hilariously funny but also extremely frustrating at the same time. Accounting+ has a lot of humour similar to that of Rick and Morty, so fans of the series are sure to enjoy this game.

Visually the game is impressive with the cartoony, Rick and Morty style looking outstanding in PSVR. The audio is equally good, with some catchy beats during certain sections of the game, especially when in the back alley and when summoning the devil in the dungeon.

Accounting+ is a very unique virtual reality experience, with a big focus on dark and abrasive humour through dialogue it fails to appeal to a wide audience. Although the game’s audio and visuals are impressive the linear story and disappointingly short play through time of less than an hour leaves a lot to be desired. Unless you’re a huge Rick and Morty fan or you enjoy edgy humour we’d suggest you climb back inside your tree.

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