Exploring the Diverse Modes of Fortnite: From Lego Adventures to Rocket Racing and Festival Main Stage

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The biggest radical change to Fortnite over the past few years has been the introduction of a no-build battle royale mode, which has allowed it to attract an additional audience that is not experienced in the construction of immediate structures.




The game has become incredibly popular and its popularity is only growing. In-game services, such as boosting, are also in demand. Nowadays, if a player wants to play without any problems in various modes, they can buy vbucks to succeed. Whatever mode you choose, there are both boosting and guides to help you play. But what additional modes have appeared in the game? This is what we will talk about in this article.


Lego Fortnite

In it, you have to survive and construct entire cities using the unique mechanics of building from Lego blocks. This is very reminiscent of the Lego Worlds game, released in 2015, but here everything is arranged differently. The world of Lego Fortnite does not consist of blocks, it is similar to a regular island from Battle Royal, but at the same time, you can mine various resources in it, survive, and build whatever your heart desires. The best thing is that you can also run as your favorite character. The developers went to great lengths with this, and the mode contains Lego interpretations of skins from the battle royale. Yes, at the moment not all the characters have made Lego models, but soon all the skins from your closet will be available. You can also be in it with your friends and create several worlds that will be unique in their way. But if you have a desire to arrange a duel, then this will not work. But you can easily undermine the construction of your comrade.


The world of Lego Fortnite is never boring. When you go on a trip as a team, you may accidentally stumble upon abandoned houses and even mini-cities that will be inhabited by unfriendly NPCs that you will have to fight off. Also when creating your city, you will need special resources that can only be found in abandoned caves. But before this you need to be well prepared, since underground there are various dangerous monsters in the form of skeletons and beetles. They obviously won’t be happy to see you. Speaking of cities: every time you create a certain building, good travelers will come to you and want to live in your settlement. They will help in extracting resources, and you can also entrust them with the creation of buildings that will be needed to expand the city. The more buildings and inhabitants, the higher the level of the settlement, and this will open up even more options for beautiful buildings.


Rocket Racing

This mode doesn’t feel like a full-fledged game, unlike Lego, but it’s still a lot of fun. The developers of Rocket League, which is not so popular now, but has been reincarnated as a separate mode for Fortnite, participated in its creation. Here you have to compete for first place in the race with other players. The tracks are very varied and many traps on them can greatly slow down the pace. Overall, the driving mechanics are very reminiscent of a battle royale game, which also features racing cars. But what’s most interesting is that if you have a unique skin for a car from this mode, it will also be displayed in the battle royale. Even in Rocket Racing, there is variability: if you are confident in your driving skills, then sometimes there are forks in which you can take a shortcut and overtake some participants. True, there is a nuance: they stand out for their complexity, which can, on the contrary, relegate them to last place. Every time you fly off the track, a respawn process occurs, which is very slow and will give other players a head start to overtake you.


Festival Main Stage

Thanks to this mode you can feel like a musician. In it, you will try on the role of a guitarist, drummer, or vocalist at your discretion. Before you get on stage, you need to choose the track that will be performed. There are a lot of songs here, one of which may be your favorite. For example, you can find a song by Imagine Dragons called Thunder. When you get on stage, bars with notes will move in front of you, and at a certain moment, you will need to press a button to get in time with the song. Choosing who you are on stage affects how fast the notes will move. You can also choose a difficulty level that will suit your level of reaction. Here you need to carefully monitor how the notes move to react as quickly as possible. This directly affects the performance quality of the track. You can play this mode with your friends or with random players if you prefer. Each team member scores several points, which are summed up at the end.


Bottom line

We have listed all the main game modes in Fortnite, each of them is special and will not let you get bored. And most importantly, all modes affect progression in the Battle Pass. Each of them has its challenges, and after completing them, you will be awarded experience that will advance the level of the battle pass. This is a very good solution since you don’t always want to play Battle Royale, but you still want to get to the hundredth level. Fortnite can no longer be called just a game of any genre because now it is a playground. It cannot have any competitors in terms of variability. In our memory, no one has offered players something like this in the history of the gaming industry.

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