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Some of you may be aware that Sorcery was on show back in 2010 as an upcoming Playstation Move title. After a couple of years development, hopefully Sorcery has been worth the wait and everyone can get some additional use out of their Playstation Move controller.

It’s good news to begin with as Sorcery promises the chance to re-enact your favourite wizardry moments through the medium that is your Playstation Move!Unluckily for the protagonist, Finn, the Nightmare Queen has decided to break an ancient pact with the rest of mankind and attempt to cover the world in eternal darkness. As a sorcerer’s apprentice who possesses incredible potential, you end up stealing a wand and finding yourself taking part in an intriguing fairytale which you hope will have a happy ever after. Luckily for Finn, you are accompanied on your adventure by the former-girl-now-feline, Erline, who attempts to guide you along your way. Both Finn and Erline are fairly endearing and help improve the appeal of Sorcery.

You battle through various themed areas ranging from the Kingdom of Dead, the Slumbering Palace and the Fairy Forest. All the environments are quite pleasant looking to traverse and whilst being a very linear game, Sorcery does allow you take a different route in case you want to uncover a treasure chest or two. Whilst the environments benefit from some pretty and varied graphics, the enemies themselves are very basic. In the Kingdom of Dead, the skeleton enemies are simple looking and don’t leave much to the imagination, whilst the end level banshee isn’t worth much of a mention, she just looks like a weird sheet monster.

The spells are quite entertaining to conjure and view, there’s nothing like curving an Arcade Bolt around a rock and dispatching an enemy or two. The voice actors for the various characters are very professional and the dialogue is quite enjoyable in places. The general ambience creates a magical atmosphere whilst the spells have some excellent sound effects.


The Playstation Move works very well throughout. It’s just a simple case of wafting the wand right to shoot an Arcade Bolt to the right and it’s just as easy to shoot to the left. Switching between the spells is quite straightforward and instantly satisfying when you manage to combine some of the magical attacks, i.e. casting a tornado then conjuring a fire spell into it causes a flaming hurricane! You can use the Playstation Move to open doors, unlock treasure chests and even create potions. You also need your wand to solve various interesting puzzles. It’s impressive to perform all these actions with the Playstation Move and it’s something that should be encouraged in future games.

Sorcery is a fun and enjoyable game that really works well with the Playstation Move. There is always a certain guaranteed fun to be had when you are able to cast spells. The main problem with Sorcery is that it is a short game that doesn’t require a great deal of skill to complete, and once completed there really isn’t any need to go back because you already experience all the pleasurable parts after playing through the first time. Sorcery is not quite the majestic magician of a game, but it’s definitely worth the time of any willing wizard.

Bonus Stage Rating - Good 7/10

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