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Sports Champions 2

The PlayStation Move was meant to compete with the Kinects and Wii Remotes of this world. So far it hasn’t set the world alight. Sports Champions 2 attempts to raise the stakes with a few more sports to get to grips with. The original Sports Champions was an entertaining, if limited, game in its own right. Hopefully Sports Champions 2 will continue the progress made by its predecessor.

The original Sports Champions contained some quirkier games such as Disc Golf. Sports Champions 2 goes down a more traditional route with sports that include Archery, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, Skiing and Tennis. The interface is easier to navigate through compared to the previous Sports Champions. Customising your character, the profiles and unlockables have more depth to them in SC2, although not as much as you would have hoped considering the lack of sports that are available. There is no online multiplayer, which is a big drawback as this would have definitely increased Sports Champions 2 longevity. The Move controller works fine for the most part for each sport and you’ll enjoy the fact that you’re not getting frustrated with the poor controls, something that is very evident in a lot of Wii Remote, Kinect & PlayStation Move games.

Bowling is the easiest to play and by default the most fun to enjoy with friends, it’s a very fluid experience. Golf, again, is a fairly straightforward sport and is reflected quite well in Sports Champions 2. The only recurring issue is that you tend to find yourself hitting the ball too hard. Boxing is represented excellently; there are a variety of punches and blocks you can use. Unfortunately, many of the fights will be decided via the usual button bashing technique. Archery makes a return and works well, it does feel like you have a bow and the arrows fly seamlessly through the air. Tennis is not very exciting, there just seems to be a lack of pace to it. Striking the ball with the racquet feels fine and you can perform a range of shots, but it just isn’t that enjoyable. Skiing is by far the worst sport, the controls are just so hit and miss you’ll simply change back to one of the sports.

Graphically, Sports Champions 2 is better than its predecessor. It’s fairly easy to create a reasonable representation of yourself whilst the other characters are colourful. The backgrounds suit the atmosphere and help increase the overall fun factor. To be fair to Sports Champions 2, the lighting effects are quite good. The sound effects and music won’t annoy and don’t let Sports Champions 2 down. The solo Cup Play gives you a series of tasks to complete in order to win some stars, this mode is reasonable fun and the fact you need to collect something means you’ll stick with Sports Champions 2 for a little longer as a single player experience.

Sports Champions 2

The best way to experience Sports Champions 2 is through the multiplayer. If you can get two or more Moves together then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy yourself. That being said, most games like Sports Champions 2 are better amongst friends. The Party Play mode accommodates up to four players and mixes up the sports randomly. This is quite a good mode if you can manage to get four players together.

Sports Champions 2 is a good and entertaining game that works very well with the Move. Unfortunately, like many games of this ilk there’s very limited longevity for the single player. It comes into its own with friends, but it’s a real shame that there is no multiplayer included. If Sony wants the PlayStation Move to become popular they need to start filling out games like Sports Champions 2 with much more content and added multiplayer functionality. Sports Champions 2 is definitely no Sports Personality of the Year but it is the best in its  (limited) field.

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