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There are some games that deservedly resurface on different platforms so that they can be enjoyed by a different generation or on a different console. Crimsonland is a game that came out on the PC back in the early 2000’s, the question is whether it’s worth replaying 10 or so years later. Crimsonland wasn’t exactly a classic back then so it’ll be interesting how it plays on the PS4.

Crimsonland is a simple game, the title describes it to a tee really. It’s a top down shooter where you essentially kill a variety of enemies which turn the landscape a crimson colour with their many deaths. The campaign mode covers 60 stages of ever-increasing crimson. There is also a Survival Mode which includes a few variants on that mode which are Rush, Weapon Picker, Nukefism and Blitz. These survival modes are very similar to the campaign mode so there’s not a great deal of variety in Crimsonland. There’s no story as such, it appears you’re just their to wreak havoc against the alien horde.

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As you move from one level to another you’ll soon realise that your playing on practically the same background each time, this background is very plain to look at but I guess it makes it easier to see the enemies and their crimson blood. The premise of each level is simply destroy everything you see before they have a chance to kill you. On one hand this makes Crimsonland very repetitive but on the other the arcade nature of Crimsonland helps make it feel like you’re having fun.

There’s not much in terms of tactics that you need to employ. You just run round shooting enemies picking up a variety of power ups that help the situation whether it’s more health, a nuclear bomb, turning foes into ice etc. You start off with a rubbish weapon, to get a better weapon you need to kill enemies who will sometimes drop a better weapon or power up. There will be occasions where you will need to make the decision to risk your life to get a game changing power up, this is usually when Crimsonland becomes more engaging to play. There are numerous power ups and perks available, they help Crimsonland stop feeling repetitive at least for a short while.

There are a number of things that go against Crimsonland. The simple design is so basic you may become quickly bored with it. Graphically there is nothing that can be described as anything better than below average, the landscape is bare, the weapons and effects are low-key, your character design is something from the 1980’s and the same can be said above the alien antagonists. The lack of any story removes any need to progress through to the end, the high scores are the only encouragement in regards to improving your play. Your character is tad clumsy to control whilst the weapons don’t really feel like they pack a punch, the enemies seem to possess limited animations as well. However with all these negatives Crimsonland is a fun but very limited experience to play.

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Crimsonland contains a 4 player local multiplayer which obviously makes Crimsonland more fun, it’s a shame there aren’t more modes to play with or the ability to play online. There’s no noticeable slow down whilst it’s always entertaining to watch your comrades be surrounded and trying to save them. As you progress through Survival mode you’ll be given a variety of perks to pick from , it’s a clever change in pace that allows you to plan ahead or risk everything on a crazy/random perk choice.

Crimsonland is simple premise, it is fun to play with but it’s short and somewhat limited. Once you’ve completed the campaign you’ll get some replay from the Survival and multiplayer modes but Crimsonland is basic in design in a number of ways. If you fancy a no thrills non thinking shooting experience then Crimsonland is worth an hour or two of you and your friends time but once you’re finished you’ll be putting your guns away and leaving Crimsonland to fend for itself against the never ending alien attack!

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