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Besides Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) there’s very few games if any I can think of that can accommodate up to 1000 players at any one time, this is the kind of fun The Jackbox Party Pack states it is able to offer. The Buzz quiz series is a particular favourite of mine, my friends and I still play it to this day even though the questions are a bit long in the tooth nowadays.

The Jackbox Party Pack contains You Don’t Know Jack a similar if more surreal kind of game, add to that four other party games and what you have is something that could make a good evening in with mates! I myself have been on quiz shows before i.e. The Weakest Link, 1 vs 100 and Two Tribes so I think I am a part-time quiz connoisseur but the questions covered in The Jackbox Party Pack will definitely test your mettle.

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The Jackbox Party Pack is made up of five party games; You Don’t Know Jack 2015 which is a new version of You Don’t Know Jack wouldn’t you know, a series in a similar vein to Buzz where you answer questions, Fibbage XL which is the sequel to Fibbage which is basically a game about lying, Drawful is a version of Pictionary, Word Spud requires players to take turns to complete words and Lie Swatter which is simple True or False game. You Don’t Know Jack 2015 can be played solo or up to four players whilst Lie Swatter can actually have up to 1000 players taking part.

A unique part of The Jackbox Party Pack is that you can play using your mobile or tablet. You simply access a website, put in some numbers and then you’re in the game. The only issue is if your connection drops out, you’re out of the game, it didn’t happen too many times to annoy but imagine you’re in the lead with one question to go………

The best game is You Don’t Know Jack 2015, the questions are varied and quite random backed up by an excellent host and smooth presentation. The next is Fibbage XL due to the pressure of a lack of time trying to think up a fib. Drawing is a decent game which is similar to Fibbage XL, you draw something and try to come up with a lie to fool the other players. Lie Swatter is very simple to play and a lot of fun to play if you can get loads of people playing. Word Spud isn’t that interesting or entertaining, the other players award you points based on how good they thought your word was, there’s not much competition in Word Spud because there’s nothing stopping players from scoring your word poorly.

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The Jackbox Party Pack is presented is a very likeable and comical way which helps engage you and your friends. Besides the loss of connection which really isn’t The Jackbox Party Packs fault the rest of the game didn’t appear to have any technical issues and is a smooth experience all round. Graphically and sound wise The Jackbox Party Pack comes across very professional and none of the presenters or music annoys you so it’s a rewarding experience. The Jackbox Party Pack games are a little on the short side but that also means that you can play a lot of games in a short period of time.

Obviously The Jackbox Party Pack is a very genre specific game, if you miss playing Buzz then The Jackbox Party Pack is definitely something you should play. If you like party games then The Jackbox Party Pack is surely something you need to add to your collection. With a few more games and a few more rounds The Jackbox Party Pack could have been the perfect party game but in its current format it’s still a very addictive and fun title to play. Maybe the next series will be bigger and better, whilst we wait enjoy The Jackbox Party Pack in the meantime.

Bonus Stage Rating - Good 7/10

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